Arthur Larned Ryerson

Holly Allen

May 3, 2010
In the James Cameron film, Titanic, Arthur Larned Ryerson Jr's (A.L. Ryerson) makes a brief cameo.Cameron choose the historic figures of Arthur Larned Ryerson and a boy we presume his son John Borie Ryerson to reenact the classic photo of a Father and Son spinning a top on the deck of the Titanic. John was in fact 13 at the time of the sailing, and Cameron clearly took some artistic licence with this scene.Cameron depicts this scene occuring on Sunday afternoon on April 14th, 1912 (I believe the acutal picture was taken during the boarding and not the day of the sinking) during the scene where Rose, Cal and her mother are touring the boat deck with Thomas Andrews after church. We see Jack jump the deck rail, and steal Ryerson's hat and top coat from a near by deck chair.Later that evening when Jack and Rose return to Rose's stateroom to warn her mother and Cal about the iceberg, Jack is taken into custody and Loavejoy confirm's that the coat is "the property of A.L. Ryerson".

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