Arthur Lawrence 1st Class Saloon Steward

Thanks for the info John,
Now had some more contact with our Lawrence family members, and following up the details Ive found both from the census's and also family info. Arthur had 5 brothers and 3 sisters, and am hoping to get some more information from another member of ET who has kindly offered to send some information on to me. His wife's maiden name was Lawrence and he had not at this point made any connection, so am hoping that I can help both him and his family and also my continuing research.
I hope at some point to update the details held on this site for future record purposes so thanks to all who have helped so far

Best Wishes
Hi John,
Just following up on a number of leads and been busy on for Lawrance family tracing!! Just one question is that Ive now contacted the Masonic society in Rochford and was told that someone had contacted them very recently and was wondering if that was you?
Just wanted to check before I sent some further information and of course begin my article for the ADB for the BTS, and also for a local paper article Im thinking of writing.

Also hope to update the details and update the details on the site shortly!
Thanks for your help thus far and also to all who have kindly helped.