Arthur Lewis

Apr 23, 2002
In Titanic Voices there is a picture of Arthur Lewis and his wife on their 70TH wedding anniversary! Does anyone know when they were married? How long after the 70th did the marriage last?
When did the couple pass on?

Regards, Greg.

Guest (R17)

Dose anyone have any information about him or any scans of his signature ? For a survivor that lived so long it seems there is very little information about him.

I also wonder if there are any pictures of him when he was a steward or during the Titanic period. I have a picture of him from Titanic voices but that is him as an old man. I looked on Titanica and there only seems to be a graining picture of him with a beard - unless I am mistaken.

If there seem to be no period pictures of this survivor are there dose anyone know of a decent picture of a third class steward ?


Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
'Titanic Voices' has a photo of Sidney Sedunary in uniform on page 159. There's another group pic of 3rd Class stewards in uniform on the Olympic (including Sidney Daniels who survived Titanic) on page 142.

Guest (R17)

Thanks Bob,

But other than Titanic voice's this survivor seems to have been forgotten.

He must have gone to conventions and lived long enough to be quite a prize survivor rather than just a baby or very young girl at the time of the sinking.

I wonder when he died and if he did go to Titanic conventions.

Thomas Ozel

May 17, 2012
Hello Greg

According to another thread (which you can access via the weblink below) Arthur Lewis died in January 1973. I can't give you clear date for when they were married, but at the latest it would probably have been around the end of 1902 (however it could be earlier). On the BBC archive website, there is a 1984 radio programme about Titanic which features an interview with Violet Lewis, so she was presumably still alive in the early 1980s, but I don't know when she died.

Sorry if this isn't much help.