Arthur W Newell

The following is an account of Mr. Newell's memorial service from the local paper called The Minute Man, dated April 27, 1912. It was on a link of newspaper abstracts and is fascinating in that it mentions the singing of Nearer my God to Thee at the service.
"The afflicted family of Arthur W. Newell, the president of the 4th National Bank, Boston, arrived today at their residence on Percy Road, Lexington, on Friday evening last week, leaving New York on the one o' clock Limited and being met at Back Bay station by their auto. The Misses Madeline and Marjory who went through the terrible experience of the wreck of the Titanic bore up bravely for the sake of their mother and the second daughter of the family, Miss Alice, both of whom had been undergoing strain for nearly a week in New York, awaiting their arrival. The three daughters have shown the example of the splendid courage set them by their father in face of disaster and death. Mrs. Newell, though a delicate woman, bore up in a remarkable manner until joined by her rescued daughters, but since her arrival at her Lexington home has been completely prostrated.That it should be otherwise would be beyond reason to expect for Mr. Newell was a man peculiarly dear and beloved by his family, which has always been one of those exceptionally attached to each other, and this tragic break in the family circle is a grief too poignant for us to adequately express. Mr. Newell and his family have been prominently connected with the Hancock Congregational church since making their home in Lexington, it was fitting therefore, the union memorial service in his memory should take place at this church on last Sabbath evening when the largest congregation in the history of the church was present, including representatives of all other churches of the town as well as a delegation of Mr. Newell's associates at the bank. It was a solemn and impressive service, yet touched by that higher spiritual thought making it so illuminating and inspiring that Christ's words- "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it- and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it"- rang out with a new significant meaning. The devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. Samuel Knowles of the Baptist church, Rev. J.M. Wilson of the Unitarian church and Rev. Mr. Chrichton of the Episcopal church. An appreciation of Mr. Newell and his character, and estimate of his ability and worth, was prepared by Mr. F.R. Galloupe, a business associate and neighbor and was tenderly and bountifully expressed. It was a testimony that one might well be proud of and one which perhaps few can truly merit. Ir was read by Dr. Martin who concluded this evening's exercises by an address which summed up the solemn and sublime lesson of the hour-with its beautiful thoughts of heroism, Christian love and faith. The volume of song which was wafted upward by the great concourse of people was itself most uplifting , the closing hymn being "Nearer My God to Thee" so freighted with meaning and pathos to be almost heartbreaking. Mr. Edward P. Merriam acted as precentor. Arthur Newell was born in Chelsea, Mass. on Jan. 30, 1854. He married Miss Mary E. Greeley of the same city on Oct. 11, 1877. His parents are deceased and he has neither brothers or sisters. The family came to reside in Lexington in 1888. Mr. Newell built and occupied the large estate on Lincoln Road known as "Lindenhurst" which he sold some years ago to James Davis, deceased. Soon after disposing of this estate, Mr. Newell built a handsome modern house on Percy Road which they have occupied while in Lexington, but have spent the summers at Clifton, on the North Shore. He was treasurer of the Lexington Savings Bank for the year 1888-89."
The #20 Percy Road House