Arthur West

An interesting story has come to light.

Never seen before documents disclose how Arthur West perished on the cruise liner while his wife and children sang songs to drown out his screams.

Mr West had earlier helped wife Ada and daughters Constance and Barbara onto a lifeboat before dashing back to their cabin to grab the flask of milk for them.

When he returned, the boat was being lowered into the sea so he climbed down a rope and handed them the Thermos flask before going back to face death.

Who knows how many more will be found in private archives?
Here's a similar article from the BBC website:

The story of a father's final act of love towards his family as the Titanic sank has been revealed.

Arthur West scrambled down the rope of a rescue boat to give his wife and two daughters a flask of hot milk before returning to the deck, and his fate.

The 36-year-old's act of bravery was revealed in an account written by his wife, Ada, which is being auctioned next month with the flask and letters.

The items could fetch up to £60,000 at the sale in Devizes, Wiltshire.