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Artifacts 7-2018

Discussion in 'Titanic News' started by Steven Christian, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. I do hope they are able to keep these together and I think the Titanic Quarter would be the best spot for them. I've seen most of these artifacts at different exhibits. The last one was in Las Vegas. They are impressive. I might be mistaken but I thought the original agreement on the salvage of these was that if they were ever sold they would go to museums only for the benefit of the public. But I guess that got changed or something. Anyway I hope they can keep them together for all to see.
    Titanic artefacts could return to Belfast
  2. Platnmz

    Platnmz Member

    I generally agree with you. I would only add, that I believe any items that they know with a certainly from whom they belong, they should give them to the families of that individual. After visiting an exhibit when it was in Michigan, I felt that all of the artifacts and the site itself should have been left undisturbed. Any of the other items already recovered should go back to Titanic Belfast. I hope they don't just sell it off to the highest bidder, it would disrespect the memories of everyone aboard the Titanic.