Dave Hudson

Hello again Bill,
I thought the Astors were sitting on the camel, but that doesn't mean that the bike is without history. Lawrence Beesley was photographed on the bike by Fr. Brown.
I completely agree that the cherub is not from the Fwd. GSC, but I'm saying that it couldn't have come from the Aft one either!
This is from my last post:
The recovered cherub is wearing a shroud that is draped over the right shoulder, but nothing else. I'm VERY confused though, because both the forward and aft staircase cherubs were both wearing cloths around their waists and had wings. The recovered cherub has neither.
This is what leads me to believe that the cherub is (maybe) from a lower landing.

sandro campisi

Hi david and Bill, in the book the discovery of the titanic (Robert Ballard), Edition in spanish
on the page 186 is the pic of the windows of the gym and inside there are remainder of a electric camel, remainder of mechanic horse (lever and other remnants). although The gymnasium roof has coolapsed the remainder are there. The pic of the artemis statue is in page 171 (she seems intact). Why there are best pics of the wreck in the expedition 1987 than of the others expeditions. I cant´t find pics of expedition 2000.
Bill Willard

Bill Willard

Sandro, Ballard did not participate in the Expeditions by RMS Titanic, Inc.. His photos are from 1985 and 1986. The Expedition 2000 pictures have not been released in book form, except in the new exhibition catalog by Judith Geller.


Ralph Joseph Cook Jr.

Hello to everyone. I have a announcement. The Titanic Deck Chair that you may be familiar with at the Ship Of Dreams exhibition in Orlando is going up for sale.
Henry Aldridge & Son, Devizes Auctioneers of Wiltshire, England are the only Auction House to hold specialist sales of RMS Titanic. The Auction is set For September 15, 2001.

Ralph Cook

Sean Tatschl

I have acquired a piece of china that in all aspects mirrors the blue and white pattern used in second class in the Cafe Parisien. The pattern has been identified as "Delph" and manufactured in England by James M. Shaw & Co. I know the company was in business in 1908 but outside of that, I don't know much about them. Does anyone know their years of operation? Did they make china for White Star?

Any info would be helpful. I'm hoping I have the original pattern before White Star would have put their logo on it.


Michael Cundiff


I understand that when the *little cherub* was
found on the sea bottom, only the right foot was exposed from the sediment, ultimately revealing the entire cherub (Minus left foot which was also recovered on a later dive)

Was the left foot re-attached to the cherub? If so what type of method was implied on this palpable *silent witness*?

Michael A. Cundiff

George Pastarmatzis

Hi everybody! Can anyone tell me where I could find clear and rather large photos of retrieved artifacts? I tried in but no such good results came from it. Thank you!

Adolf Smith

If the statue was restrained than i would guess that when the ship split that the fireplace went south out the gaping hole and hit the bottom causing the statue to break off and land in the sand somewhere


Hi guys I do apologise if its been mentioned on this thread already as I only managed to have a quick flick through the comments for now but have any of the artefacts been identified to certain passengers ? I would like to know who the pocket watch belonged too ? I noticed in another thread edith browns fathers pocket watch was given back to her,was this the only pocket watch found ? Many thanks

oh and did the jewellery they found in the little bag ever get identified?Would love to know who that belonged too.
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