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Afternoon everyone!

I wonder if anyone out there has any idea as to the names of the artists responsible for the original Olympic/Titanic interior illustrations done for Harland & Wolff/White Star? Or the ones for the sales-brochures? I know its a long shot - these men have been anonymous for 94 years, but such is hope!



Scott R. Andrews


At a guess, I would say that the original renderings were very likely done by someone at Heaton Tabb & Co., the firm charged with the interior design contract. Hopefully someone out there can shed more light on this.


Scott Andrews
Sep 2, 2009

To answer you question about the artists. A lot of artwork used by White Star Lines for various liners was done by the following two artists.

Montique Bernard Black - Who was an artist/illustrator and completed numerous paintings of the various White Star Liners from the early 1900 thru till the the late twenties. If you look at any of the "Original" "White Star Line" postcards of the Olympic and Titanic and the line issue series of postcards from the 1920's all the images were done by Montique B. Black.

Most of these advertising artworks and line issued postcards were then produced by the Liverpool Printing & Stationary Company.

I have seen a few interior images with the name Black or MBB on them.

The other major artist used by White Star Lines was Fred Pansing.

The following image is of an original White Star Line poster by Montique B. Black for the Olympic and Titanic.

S. Anderson Collection, 2003

And now for the same image used on an original White Star Line issued postcard from 1911.

S. Anderson Collection, 2003

An original Fred Pansing White Star Line Oil painting from around 1920.

**For the White Star collectors this is one of the much rarer original oil on canvas paintings - not the much more common "paper" poster image in a White Star line frame.


lee kendall

> [Thanks Scott and Steven, that's a good start. Steven i wonder if i can ask further what interior images you have seen with Black's initials on them? To my knowledge i've not come across any reproductions with initials intact so i assume you have seen the original artist proofs? There is no mention of who the interiror artists may have been in any of the White Star archives at Merseyside Maritime Museum, so the information you have provided is really interesting. Thanks. ]

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