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Hi, I'm new so I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I can't seem to locate the info. I'm looking for. What artwork, specifically went down with Titanic? James Cameron alluded to lost Monet's, Picasso's, and Degas'. What, if any, insurance claims or proof of artwork lost is out there?
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No paintings by the painters you mention were lost. Cameron was just having fun.

A real 4' x 8' painting by Blondel called La Circassienene au Bain was lost. It's owner, Mauritz Hokan Björnström-Steffansson claimed $100,000 for it.

Emilio Portaluppi claimed $3,000 for an autographed portrait of Garibaldi.

There may be more minor claims for artwork in the US civil claims records. Also, it's not impossible that Francis Millet had some of his own work with him.

(La Circassienene au Bain-Modern Copy)

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The Most Expensive Object Lost on the Titanic The Daily Beast
According to claims filed afterwards, Merry-Joseph Blondel's 'La Circassienne au Bain' was the most expensive object to be lost when the Titanic sank in 1912.

“La Circassienne au Bain,” also known in its early days as “Une Baigneuse,” made its debut at the Paris Salon of 1814 just as Blondel’s career was beginning to take off, though it took a few years before the critics warmed up to his bathing Circassian woman.

But in 1912, it reached its pinnacle of fame when it became the most expensive piece of property buried with the Ship of Dreams, at least according to the claims filed.

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