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Discussion in 'Ships that may have stood still' started by John C Koelmel, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. What else could have assisting ships done besides pick up the survivors in the lifeboats ?
  2. Rob Lawes

    Rob Lawes Member

    I take it you mean while Titanic was still afloat?

    In which case not a lot. The days of mobile pumps and damage control teams were a long way off and mostly confined to Navies and the influx of water into her hull was too great for any amount of help.
  3. Personally, it's my opinion that John's question (above) hits the nail on he thumb. It's the "Ouchy" question that was avoided at all costs in 1912 and has continued to be ignored. Was there more that could have been done? Perhaps Titanic was lost, but would it have been possible with the knowledge and equipment aboard to have prolonged the life of the ship?

    Even so, the kind of damage control which can be applied in even nondescript small vessels today far exceeds the knowledge and equipment available to Chief Engineer Bell and his men.

    -- David G. Brown
  4. Yes...while still afloat. I hear over and over.....If some ship was closer.....but I don't know what else a close ship could have done besides pickup survivors in the lifeboats....If the Titanic was merely disabled...there might have been time to ferry all the passengers off....