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Mark Pidgeley

Hi all,

I'm having trouble finding out what the Astors did on their honeymoon and was wondering if any one could either help me out,or point me in the right direction. I would be grateful.

What would be ideal would be a comprehensive book on the subject but unfortunately I have been unable to locate one-unsure of the titles at Amazon. There's only three listed.

The points of the honeymoon I'll interested in are:

When did they found out that Maddy was pregnant?

Where were they-my research so far as tells me they were in Paris-when they found out about the pregnancy?

Who was the doctor? Was he French?

Where did they stay in Paris?

Now, this is important to my research.

How did they travel to Egypt?

Where did they stay?

How long did they spend in Egypt?

Where did they go? What sights did they visit?

When this part of the honeymoon was over, in what fashion did they travel to Cherbourg?

When and where did they meet Molly Brown?

Does anyone know of a book on this subject?

If anyone has any relevant information covering the above I would be most grateful.



Daniel Klistorner


I can tell you they travelled to Egypt on the Olympic. They took the voyage on Wed. 24 Jan, 1912. Got off at Cherbourg on the 31st of Jan. How they got to Egypt from there I'm not sure. I'm not 100% sure, so someone correct me, but I think they met with Molly Brown about mid Feb. 1912. She was actually on the Olympic with them as well.

Shelley Dziedzic

Shelley Dziedzic

Mark- I would suggest you seek out the society columns in the Newport or New York newspapers for Sept 1911. They were married in front of the ballroom fireplace at Beechwood on Bellevue Avenue in Newport -I think the paper was the Newport Daily News- or even the Narragansett Times or Providence Journal would have something about the honeymoon. Here is the Beechwood website- the Redwood Library in Newport has the microfilm of the 1911 newspapers. The mansion is great fun to visit- the ballroom has mirrored panes over the French doors which look out over the ocean...prophetic!The theme was the sea. Some days the character actors include JJ himself- have spent many hours in front of that fireplace time-travelling!

Darren Honeycutt

I don't know what all they did on their honeymoon but I have just acquired a copy of a November 1911 New York newspaper that is describing the new wife of John Jacob Astor as being "Girlish". It kind of gives you a glimpse of what the public were thinking at the time.
Kyrila Scully

Kyrila Scully

At one point the Astors were in Egypt, where they met up with Mrs. J.J. Brown and her daughter.
Can't remember the source of this information, maybe someone else can pitch in.

All the best,

Mark Pidgeley

Thank to you all for your input on this so far.
Shelly: Many thanks for the web-site link. I've had the briefest of looks there. I've noticed an e-mail address so I may contact them later, just to see if thy can throw any light on this.

It looks like we're getting there.

I'll let you know what else I dig up, when and if!

Many thanks for the help,



Where did the Astors go after their wedding? I know Cairo and Paris, but where first. What ship did they go on, and how long where they at each place?

Any help would be appreciated!!

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shirley wells

Hello Mark

Have you any idea at what point the Astors employed the nurse who boarded with them Caroline Endres?

Also have you managed to find out the route they took through France to arrive in Cherbourg?

Many thanks
Jason D. Tiller

Jason D. Tiller

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Hello Shirley,

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