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I have read in several posts about pictures of Madeline Astor. I am interested in seeing all of the them but I am very interested in seeing the one taken the day before her wedding to William Karl Dick of her getting into her car. If anybody has these pictures or know where I can take a look at them I would be very interested. Thank you so much.
The specific picture of Madeline Astor you refer to was once owned by me but is now in the collection of a friend who is maybe going to use it in publication. So you might be able to see it soon. By the way, she isn't actually getting into the car. She is already seated in it and looking down, seeming rather shy at having her picture snapped.

Of the other photos I had of Madeline Astor, which I described on this board some time ago, several are of her out riding in Central Park or walking on the beach at Newport. I no longer own most of these, having given them to various friends. The ones I have copies of are posted on the Astors' biography pages here on ET. These were purchased through the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Department and are free of copyright restrictions. Copies (from photostats to archival prints to negatives) can be purchased from the LOC at prices ranging from $12 to about $90.
AM wondering if any photos exist from John and Madaline's wedding? are there any photos of her family (mother & dad) any information would be most appreciated
We are looking for the photo of John & Madeline walking down the sidewalk side by side. We are looking to put it in our museum to open in November, if anyone can be of assistance we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks--Carla
If you type in John Jacob Astor in the Google search box it will pull up that well-known photo of JJ and Madeleine in the striped hat on the avenue. I think ET has the one of them strolling together under the passenger link. Corbis also has some Astor images.
This may be the one you were thinking of. I'm not entirely sure if Corbis owns this one or not.

I bet you’re referring to the one I have posted below. It was widely published in 1911, just before the Astors left for their honeymoon, and has been used a lot since. (It is reproduced on page 100 of "Titanic: An Illustrated History.")

I no longer own a good quality copy of this image but would suggest you contact the Library of Congress, as there you will not be charged a search fee nor a reproduction fee —— only the cost of copying the picture in the format of your choice. I can tell you that the service at the LOC’s Prints and Photos Dept. is quick and not nearly as expensive as Corbis. Here is a link to the search page for the library’s online picture collection.

You may or may not find this particular image but you can ask a librarian to have a look through their offline files and it might well be there. There are many, many more photos that are not sourced in this database.

In the meantime, if you would like to choose from a selection of other photos of the Astors, you can contact me privately, using my profile page. If I don’t have the one you want I can refer you to another private picture collector who may have something you can use.

Best of luck,

Thank you Shelley and Randy. It was a pleasure hearing from you both. The one Randy posted is actually the one we are looking for, however I really like the one Shelley showed. I've contacted the Library of Congress to have them research the photos. Corbis would be our next source. This site has been the best resource for a lot of my research. Thanks to all.
Glad to help, Carla. If you have need of any other photos, you can give me a call.. I have a good selection of first class passenger photos, professionally restored from damaged or faded originals, many of them supplied through hard-to-find, unpublished private and public sources. All my images are original prints or high-quality reproduction prints from public domain materials. They have all been purchased, repaired and enhanced by myself and have invisible watermarks for my protection against unauthorized usage. The picture Shelley posted is among the ones I have; it appeared originally in Town Topics magazine. Corbis does indeed also have a copy of this image but its date (1911) places it in the public domain (so no one owns exclusive rights to it). If, however, Corbis has done some repair or enhancement of the image, then the company can claim rights to its own altered version. My copy is wider than the sample, grayscale image I provided ET, with more of the street showing to the couple’s right. Mine also retains the original cream to sepia tints of the magazine page it appeared on. I repaired cracks and smudges as well.