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At approximately what time did the forecastle touch the water?

Discussion in 'Collision / Sinking Theories' started by Charles, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Charles

    Charles Member

    I was just wondering, what time did the forecastle deck first meet the water surface?
  2. I think it was late in the sinking, between approx. 1:50 A.M. and 2:05 A.M.
  3. Kylar

    Kylar Member

    1:40 a.m. is about when it touched

    R.M.S TITANIC Member

    I was wondering, when did the bow begin to go under, as in the well deck and forecastle deck begin to flood?
  5. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I would estimate about two hours into the sinking.
  6. Would you say the final sinking speeded up at this point ?
  7. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

  8. Forecastle would have hit the water around the time the Titanic almost hit equal Librium
  9. Better picture as you can see when the bridge hit the water
    Time History.png
  10. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    About 2:05 a.m. when QM Bright saw the forecastle head going under. The sinking did speed up at this point.