Attempt At Pirating the Wreck

Jan 28, 2003
Hi Lee,
it's called "Zany Afternoons" by Bruce McCall, and it's a bit of a rare bird, and rather sought after. Amazon claims to have it but it's over $100 for a used copy. I've seen it cheaper though, but not recently. I think it's probably the funniest book I've ever seen. He draws wonderful pictures (he worked as an illustrator for car adverts in the '50's and the experience stayed with him ... the 'Bulgemobile'...) and also a great copywriter, a rare combination. I'm seriously thinking of buying a hardback 'collectors' edition, as my paperback is falling to pieces, having been lent to anyone ill or depressed to help them pull themselves together - it's never failed yet! I can't describe the RMS Tyrannic to you - it has to be seen. But all livestock is thrown overboard before it docks, and there is a pack of cards available in the steerage tuck shop...... if you've got a few bucks - buy it!

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