Attempt At Pirating the Wreck

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During the 2000 Expedition, Sagalevitch stopped the Keldysh at least twice on the way home because a large amount of money owed to them by the company had not been paid. The company had to borrow $250,000 from a company in the Bahamas, SAGE Capital, and wire transfer the money to the account designated by the Russians. It was only after this transaction was complete did the artifacts transfer to the Explorer and everyone returned to home ports. A friend of Sagalevitch told me that he'll never do business with one particular person at the company again.

Judge Rebecca Beach Smith is now the Judge in Norfolk over the Titanic case.
Of course there wasn't a prototype helicopter aboard Titanic, how silly. It was undoubtedly a prototype autogiro, as illustrated below by the great Bruce McCall in "Zany Afternoons". Perfected by 1920, it was used by New York socialites for autogiro jousting to while away the hours between luncheon and cocktails. Also illustrated in this wonderful book is the RMS Tyrranic, the biggest thing in the world, where gentlemen are requested to refrain from riding ponies through steerage after 8.00 pm. If you fancy buying this book it'll set you back a few bucks - luckily I got my copy in 1975!

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A fantastic book Monica! I thought I was one of the few with a copy! Tank Polo looks even more fun than Autogiro Jousting.

Tyranic... "The right crowd and no crowding."

I always fancied the Zeppelin Shoot ("they fell so much more gracefully than grouse").

Tyrannic ...."Mutton is taken, X deck".

I truly think, if you own this book, it is impossible to become really depressed!
Hi Lee,
it's called "Zany Afternoons" by Bruce McCall, and it's a bit of a rare bird, and rather sought after. Amazon claims to have it but it's over $100 for a used copy. I've seen it cheaper though, but not recently. I think it's probably the funniest book I've ever seen. He draws wonderful pictures (he worked as an illustrator for car adverts in the '50's and the experience stayed with him ... the 'Bulgemobile'...) and also a great copywriter, a rare combination. I'm seriously thinking of buying a hardback 'collectors' edition, as my paperback is falling to pieces, having been lent to anyone ill or depressed to help them pull themselves together - it's never failed yet! I can't describe the RMS Tyrannic to you - it has to be seen. But all livestock is thrown overboard before it docks, and there is a pack of cards available in the steerage tuck shop...... if you've got a few bucks - buy it!
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