Attention Aussies The Great Ship

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Not Titanic this time, but Great Eastern.

On Sunday 30 May the ABC will present a documentary on this famous ship as the first of a series on remarkable pieces of mostly 19th century engineering.
Sounds like Seven Wonders of the Industrial World, a series of dramatised documentaries which was made in the UK and aired here last year. If so, you're in for a treat.
Thanks Dave, this thread'll be a useful reminder to me as the series progresses. I live in a tv guide-free zone.

That's the show, Bob - good to know it's good. There was an ad for the series just before The Bill started. The bit about the Panama Canal caught my attention just in time to get back near the telly and see the promo for the Great Eastern episode.

Am already readying the VCR.

Alex McLean

My folks told me about this today when I called them. It sounds very good, and I'm looking forward to seeing what is going on. Problem is, I just have to wait until I get back to be able to see them.
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