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CORRECTION! I realized in my earlier post (#689) that I had mistyped the registration number for the "Raised Star" pattern. The Correct Rd number is: 579792

Kevin Saucier

Here are the answers from Mastronet regarding these two auction items:

1) The plate has two registration numbers: RN 117214 and RN 324028.

2) There are two uppercase letter "A" within what I would call an oval on the back of the spoon. There is also a character I would best describe as an Iron Cross, and the words "Elkington Plate."

3) The spoon has the White Star Line logo on the front (a flag with a star in the middle).

Hope this helps.

Humm... Well, it would appear that the spoon IS dated 1912. However, the Iron Cross (or Maltese Cross) would suggest that it came from second or third class, NOT first. It is thought by many collectors that this cross was used to stamp pieces that were no longer "firsts" but rather "seconds" and only to be used in the lower classes of service.
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