August 2001 Gay Skeletons Found In Titanic Life Ring

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Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
I just came home from the market and as I was waiting my turn, I glanced at the tabloid papers.

Yep. You guessed it. There was a Titanic headline; this one more bizarre than most.

"Gay Skeletons Found In Titanic Life Ring" It showed a picture of two skeletons embracing, sharing a Titanic life ring. I didn't bother to read the accompanying "article", needless to say.

Anyone here have any "favorite" tabloid stories about the Titanic to relate?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Well, I seem to recall some moronic blurb in The Weekly World News about a baby being recovered alive...complete with the standard junk about time warps. The hell of it is that people actually believe this stuff!

Makes you wonder where natural selection is when you really need it. Where did you see this anyway? The local Bi Hi or the Lose Dixie???

Michael H. Standart

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Weekly World News has found more than a mere baby!

So far I make it a dead female passenger, Captain Smith, the iceberg wot dunnit and several bodies, the aforementioned baby and sundry liferings.

Actually the two unfortunate gay victims were found many years ago but WWN waited for more liberal times before mentioning them.

Captain Smith, by the way, was very much alive when found but aged quickly and died before anybody had the wit to conjure up Lord Mersey to question him.

Welcome to the world of what we Aussies call ratbaggery, as purveyed by ratbags, or in this case, raving ratbags!

Christine Geyer

Baaaaah !!!

Now THAT's disgusting! But thanks for the link Dave, so even the little Europeans knew what you were talking about. Couldn't believe my eyes !!

Many regards from
Flesh & Blood Christine

Brandon Ralph Whited


Good thing I found this thread; I was about to post another entitled "Weekly World News Is Full of Bull!."

I saw this "headline" at both the local Magic Mart and Acme just today! When I first saw it, I went hysterical. That's what, the third body they've found in the past two years!?

Oh well, at least they don't use real passenger and crew names (other than Smith) in their "publicity stunts", or whatever you would call this garbage!


Jul 29, 2001
Perhaps I'm missing something here but......

Isn't the Weekly World News a "spoof" publication? It isn't a tabloid. It's a humorous publication. ALL of its stories are fake - they are intended to be. There was a TV version at one time (perhaps there still is?) which was hilarious.

Brandon Ralph Whited

Hello Robert,

Yes, "spoof" publication would be the perfect term to describe W.W.N. While these past Titanic "discoveries" have been strange (they once stated Smith was a woman in disguise!), they are not the strangest articles to be published between those weird pages. They once claimed the Loch Ness Monster was killed, only to report that it had given birth a few weeks later! Geez...;)

In my personal opinion, the only thing that newspaper is good for is toilet paper when you don't feel like runnin' out to the store!


May 9, 2000
Come on, its fun! If you fight it you declare it serious. This newspaper once have stated in another issue (May 1998) that 300 escimos had lived on the iceberg that was rammed by the Titanic. And the world did not take notice of these 300 drowned. I couldn´t but laugh out loud about that.

In the past this newspaper had some very funny stories:
- Jesus was born in Japan,
- in 1998 the authentic Titanic iceberg was found in the mid-Atlantic with crew members still living on it,
- Adolf Hitler was a blood sucking woman,
- The first head of a man was transplanted successfully,
- The still existing Titanic iceberg has sunk another ship in 1999,
- the Garden Eden has been detected in Syria containing the skeletons of Adam and Eve,
- a 1924 born baby is still a baby after 76 years
(and many more).

Glorious creations! Take it easy...
May 9, 2000
By the way: the name of the most popular humorious (politically) magazine in Germany is "Titanic".

But they do some kind of hardcore humor: the night before the FIFA declared where the World Cup will be played in 2006, this magazine sent very special faxes to every FIFA member. You can read this "Titanic"-fax here:

scroll down to the picture of the fax (its written on English). And guess what: just one of the FIFA members took this letter serious and the difference of one voice has brought the World Cup to Germany.

sherry otoole

I think that's totally digusting. Even though i know it's all trash if these publishers had any brains , if the bodies were to be of the same sex they were probably huddling to keep warm the water was below freezing. To put my two cents in i don't find it amusing at all to make fun of or print lies about Titanic , or any other tradegy that happened in history. These people need to check there sense of humour

Michael Friedman

Greetings, all!

I hate to admit I even know this, but I do remember one case where WWN actually did use the name of a real passenger. They told about finding the preserved body of third class passenger Mrs Annie Meek, who refused to leave her fiance' & later locked herself in a closet (just as stewardess Mrs. Wallis & third class passenger Augusta Lindblom were reported to have done), or some such thing.

The article was even accompanied by an old photo (although I'm sure its authenticity is doubtful!)



Joanne Seiferlein

Hi, everyone,
Then there's the WWN fable: "TITANIC Captain Was Really a Woman!" There is a photo purported to be one of him taken about two weeks before he sailed on TITANIC, and all I can say is, if I looked that bad, I'd put on a fake beard and mustache and run away to sea, too!
The only other thing I can say is that if E.J. Smith was a woman, he has a lot of explaining to do to Mrs. Smith!!!
Total trash!
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