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Philip Hind

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Sep 1, 1996
We have some great articles here on ET by some of the top TITANIC talent! But up until now there has been little information about those authors which can be a bit frustrating for readers.

One author told me he thought all articles should have contact info on it... well I'm not too sure about that. But any author who writes a piece for ET can now link their article/s to a personal/professional profile page with a picture, contact info and links. This will help readers find out more about your work, research interests and past and present publications.

This is all entirely optional but if you have an author credit here on ET and would like to add a little bit of information about yourself to assist readers or enquiriers please email me the details like this.

PHOTO (optional - please attach it to email)
DESCRIPTION (required - a bit about you, your research interests, list of books published, TV and radio appearances, awards, hobbies!)
CONTACT INFO (optional)
ADDRESS (if not a PO box or institution address you may wish to just indicate your general location)
WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / LINKEDIN etc. (optional but recommended)

The profile page is intended to be informative so please don't just send a web link on its own without a proper description.

The more info the better of course but only send information you are happy to have made public. Think of it like the blurb on the back of a book. Hopefully it will be a useful extra feature.
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