Autograph book signed by Eva Hart

I recently acquired an autograph book signed by Eva Hart as "Auntie Eva". The books front cover is addressed as follows:

"Miss P Sherman (I believe)
8, Hartland Road

The book is in very good conditions with some wear from what looks like being pulled in and out of a pocket. The autographs and scriptures written are dated between 1961 and 1963. Most writing is legible, so I have been able to make out a lot of names and passages. Some of the names are Christine Payne, Ann Sullivan, Geraldine Walters, Rhona Burke, Lorraine Burke, Pamela Talyor, Mary Connell, M. Canty, M. Arnold, Pauline Pritchard, Kathleen George and many many others. It seems as though most of the autographs were made by women, so I feel as though this may be a college autograph book.

I am interested in learning about Eva Hart's family, more so any niece's, as I believe P Sherman was a niece of hers.

Thank you in advance
West Coast Seekers