B Deck 1st class staircase landing - white or brown walls?



First of all, hello, I am new to the forum and my name is Blake. I'm excited to have joined a community with fellow Titanic enthusiasts. I've loved the ship and it's tale since I was very young, I still very much enjoy following and researching the ship. In fact, today, I just returned from the Atlanta artifact exhibit, I really enjoyed it!

Now to my question. Pardon if this has been asked before but I couldn't seem to find it if it had been. I've seen illustrations of the walls at the landing of the B deck 1st class staircase (forward and aft) depicted as both white and brown. Do we know which color they actually were? I know D deck had white walls but seeing B deck depicted with white walls is a new discovery of mine, I had always thought they were the same brown as A and C deck. Also, I couldn't find any pictures of Olympic's B deck staircase, so I really don't know where else I could look. Does anyone happen to have the answer to this?

Ioannis Georgiou

The staircase itself was painted "brown". The walls on the B Deck landing was painted in white as it was leading into the a-la-carte restaurant. As far as I know the forward B Deck landing was the same as on A & C Deck.
I don't remember having come across an image of the B Deck landing of the forward staircase.


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As a far as I know the bow staircase (no photograhps I think) was brown in B deck. and the aft one, the smaller, was in white colours, like a little reception room close to the restaurant La carte.
These are a few pictures. Maybe you already have it, but anyway: One is a drawing of how its seen the B Deck of Titanic (aft) in white colours. Another one is from C Deck (bow) Olympic before, in brown style and in white colours after the remodellating of the ship in 20's.