B Deck Aft Grand Staircase Restaurant?


Jan 18, 2014
Looking at the plans, there is a restaurant when you step down to B Deck on the Aft Grand Staircase. What is this....restaurant thing when the Cafe Parisen and a la Carte restaurant is right there?

Jay Roches

Apr 14, 2012
Do you mean the space directly surrounding the aft grand staircase? That is marked "restaurant reception room" on one plan. It would be just that -- an area for people to wait. I can't recall whether drinks were served there. The restaurant was quite popular and often busy, so people would need a place to meet up with their dining companions before their reserved table became available.

If your plans show promenades next to the a la carte restaurant, they are plans of Olympic. Titanic's restaurant was larger than Olympic's, because it had proved more popular than expected. Olympic's restaurant originally had a bar, but it was removed to provide some extra space, and Titanic had no bar. Titanic also had a larger galley/pantry for the restaurant, and of course the Cafe Parisien.