B-deck "hook" theory

Seungho Kang

Mar 5, 2019
South Korea
By seeing the deck-by-deck sections of the Titanic mapped by Roy Mengot, in the B-deck map, there is a unknown part shown as a ? right aft of the forward tower.

From Roy Mengot;
The really interesting thing has to do with the "?" mark on the diagram. If the B-Deck sections back on the stern do match the break on the map, then B-deck broke along the line aft of the "?", rather than the line in front of it going down the expansion joint corridor. That would cause the strength deck to form a 'hook' that might have caused the Aft Tower to start being pulled to port if forces were pulling B-Deck slightly to port. Here's where the doublers around the uptake openings may also play a part. It's possible the doublers helped form that hook. If confirmed, this would pose the most interesting dynamic of the break-up process. C-deck right under this spot appears to have broken in a very convoluted way. This one area, at both the stern peeled back decks and on the tower debris, should have a high priority for review and accurate mapping.
Would this "hook" form as a part of the Forward tower and pull the stern's aft tower section and break it to port?
And if this occured, would the doublers of the "hook" section be one of the last part of B-deck to fail according to Roy Mengot's theory?

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