Apr 11, 2001
Mary, first, two things, the portrait of Sadie sold in Baltimore about 4 months ago for $10,000. It is a lovely thing with Sadie in a slate -blue gown. Frank was a master at painting women's faces and drapery of fabric. Wandering Thoughts was exhibited in 1900 (painted in winter -early Spring of 1900) for the Royal Academy Spring Exhibition and hung along with a painting called "Off Duty"- he worked on both at the same time for this exhibit. - Wandering Thoughts is still owned by the Millet family, but is for sale privately.

I have consulted the Millet family biographer who has told me he has never seen any reference at all to Luc-Olivier Merson in relationship to Frank or the Broadway Colony of artists. Sadly, Merson is so largely forgotten these days except at Christmas time when his Flight to Egypt comes out on a card. I suspect there may be more material on Merson in France, due to his many designs for French currency and postage stamps and stained glass of course. I suspect you are familiar with his series of canvases based on the work of Victor Hugo?

I can suggest a doctoral thesis by Marc Simpson of Yale University which is an indepth work about the Broadway Colony. I think it may be rather expensive to get a copy, however. If I get to New Haven anytime soon, I will see if it is available to be read in the library- I am sort of anxious to see it myself.

John Lamoreau

May 21, 2004
Millet was married. I own a letter written by his sister to the editor of a Mass. newspaper shortly after his body was recovered. She describes Millet's wife's plans for burial.