Ballard's The Discovery Of The Titanic I love it

Oct 23, 2000
For my birthday, shortly after the T. bug bit deeper, my grandparents (who were little kids at the time the Titanic sank, btw. Don't doubt their parents read all about it in the newspapers) gave me a copy of Dr. Robert D. Ballard's book "The Discovery Of The Titanic".
Well, I didn't read it much at first, but it did spark my first letter to Dr. Ballard (which I actually dictated to my dad while he wrote it down. He was my secretary that day :) ).
When I DID begin to read it, though, I just SOAKED IT UP, and read all about not only the disaster itself, but about Bob's journey to finally finding and exploring her, as well as other great stuff.
Now I not only still have that dear, well-worn yet still intact (albeit sans dust-jacket) and readable copy my grandparents gave me all those years ago , but the new editon released in 1998 as well. Which my mom bought for me (funny, the same year she gave me it, I corresponded with Dr. Ballard again!)
Also, Ballard's book introduced me to Walter Lord, because not only is "A Night To Remember" and "The Night Lives On" mentioned and quoted from in the text, but contains a MARVELOUS introduction by Walter, too.
All in all, I can say this is one of the most special of T. books for me, and for many reasons, too! :)
Say, how many of you folks here snapped it up when it first appeared on the market in 1987?

Richard K.
Feb 13, 2002
Wow..this is an old post ! I ordered an autographed copy of Dr. Ballard's book. I loved it as well. I loved it so much, I ordered another as I have almost worn the first one out. The picture of the shoes moved me to tears. My Grandfather was 12 when the Titanic sank. He passed away when I was a child, so I never got the chance to ask him what he thought or where he was at the time. How wonderful that you were able to correspond with Dr. Ballard!
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Mar 13, 2000
richard and stephanie i want to say that i love the book that dr ballard wrote about the discovery of the titanic because it is so detailed and this man gave up a lot just to find this ship and succeeded where the other people who tried to find the titanic failed and the details are so amazing and the part i like the most is at one moment everyone was so happy finding the ship and then the next moment they realized that they were approaching the moment the titanic sank and held a memorial ceremony in honor of those who died and survived and another part i like is the joy when they sent their rov down the grand staircase and as to walter lord he has wrote more books about different subjects besides the titanic for example he wrote a book about the battle of the alamo called a time to stand and i thank dr ballard for discovering the titanic and i hope that he doesnt forget his famous discovery jennifer mueller

Riki Jewell


An autographed copy of Dr Ballard's book? Where can I purchase one of these...I love the book and have read it cover to cover numerous times and would absolutely love an autographed version.

Riki J

Phillip Ivey

Nov 29, 2005
Without a doubt one of the best books about the Titanic and the discovery of it. Other than ANTR and The Night Lives On, this is the best book period.

Paul Rogers

Jun 1, 2000
West Sussex, UK
"Other than ANTR and The Night Lives On, this is the best book period."

You are, of course, fully entitled to your opinion, Phillip. (Welcome aboard BTW.) Personally I believe that there are many other books written about Titanic that are superior to Dr. Ballard's book(s). Examples would include "The Titanic - the full story of a tragedy" by Michael Davie and, of course, Eaton & Haas' "Titanic - Triumph & Tragedy".

I am not attacking Dr. Ballard; it all depends on what one is looking for in a book. Hence why this is called a personal opinion!
Dec 20, 2000
I was in Barnes and Noble last week, and I noticed the 1997 edition of The Discovery of the Titanic has been republished in hardcover as Robert Ballard's Titanic, along with his books on the Bismarck and Lusitania for $14.98 each. Just thought I'd give a heads up.

Aly Jones

Nov 22, 2008
That's the book i own,*ROBERT BALLARDS TITANIC* it's a good book,it does give me enough input to talk about on here, but it's not my favourite. It's only about the discovery of the Titanic, i'm more interested in alot of other Titanic related things aswell and plus the writings too small and plus i perrfer more photos aswell. I think i brought the wrong book.
Jun 10, 1999
I believe the newly entititled "ROBERT BALLARD'S TITANIC" features the all important epilogue chapter. The first edtion "DISCOVERY..." did not, forcing us diehards to purchase the updated book. The epilouge chapter delves into the propellor(s), 30' starboard breech, etc.
As an aside, I wrote to Dr. Ballard in '88 enquiring about the propellor(s), and was so happy to receive a reply some eight months later!

Michael Cundiff
I don't really know where to post this, so I will try here.
I was watching comedy central last night, and the Colbert Report came on. Just as I was about to change the channel he had said that his guest that night was going to be Robert Ballard. So, I suffered through the Colbert Report, just to see what Robert Ballard had to say.
Not that I was expecting to have him praise Titanic, but all he said was that Titanic was not his most important discovery, but it was his most famous.
What frustrated me about this is he didn't mention that they use or have used the Titanic as a testing ground for all of their new equipment, etc. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think that the Titanic deserves more than that. But that is just my opinion. ;)

Thanks for reading,
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>...but all he said was that Titanic was not his most important discovery, but it was his most famous.<<

While some may take this as Titanic Heresy, I would have to agree with that on both counts. He did his bit there and proved the equipment, but he went well beyond that to the Lusitania, Bismarck, the PT 109 (That had to be a tough one since so little would be left) and exploring the wrecks in Iron Bottom Sound.

Love him or lump him, (Your call) he's been busy.
Jun 10, 1999
The commentary by Ted Kennedy, in regards to the search for PT-109 and late brother John, which was featured
in the Nat'l. Geo. periodical was great reading.

Michael Cundiff
Oct 15, 2007
I remember getting my mother the book about the discovery of it. I not only wanted to get her the book because Ballard found it and other ships,but because my mother knew the Kennedy's and met several of the men on the PT-109. Edward Druedge lived in Urbana,Il not too far away from my mother and I.I was glad to see Ballard on the Colbert Report. I thought he did a pretty good job. It was different than the programs I used to see him on.
Feb 21, 2005
I'll always love this book because it was the one that started it all for me. After watching 'A Night to Remember' with my folks I craved more Titanic information and Mother pulled out this book she had recently received in the mail shortly after it's release.

To this day she'll tell you she never got a chance to read it because I took off with it and never gave it back.

Laura Jay

Dec 3, 2012
New England, USA
Loved that book too! Still have it, though it's gotten dog eared in the years since. It interested me in Ballard and I got his rare book Lost Liners and then I fell in love with the Mauretania. Then I got interested in Rostron and his career...sort of a domino effect if you will... :)


Sep 13, 2001
Mount Gambier Australia
hey, I borrowed "The Discovery of the Titanic' from my school library and finished it later that day, I couldn't put it down and I haven't returned it yet and I borrowed it in march. but yeah a really great read, Mr Ballard is an excellent author who can make something you have heard sound a thousand times feel like its the very first time you've heard it. love it always

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