Baltic's lifeboat capacity

Gary Cooper

Jun 5, 2003
Does anyone know how many lifeboats the Baltic (or the Big Four in general) carried and what her lifeboat capacity was, pre-Titanic, that is? I'm interested to see if they were as short of lifeboats as the Olympic class ships. I have found plenty of blurb about her tonnage and accommodation, but nothing on this field

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
As of April 1912, Baltic had 20 boats, with a nominal capacity of 1,054 persons. This was 43.7% of her maximum company.

Boat capacities varied a good deal. Carmania had boats for only 29.4% of her company. Celtic attained 66.4%, but her company was small for her size.

Generally the Cunard ships had smaller boat capacities than White Star, on a percentage basis. Mauritania, for instance had 32.9%

There's a table in a appendix to Lord Mersey's report, showing the figures for a number of Cunard and White Star ships. It's also in my e-book, with a few corrections to the ships' tonnages, taken from Lloyds' Register.

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