Banal dialogue?

Dan Kappes

Sep 26, 2018
Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States
This is a short review of the film by Leonard Maltin in his Movie Guide book.

Sweeping romance set against the backdrop of the RMS Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912 and framed by a modern day story of a salvager who stumbles onto a heretofore unknown survivor of the sinking. Spectacular in every way, an eye-filling recreation of the sights and sounds of the grandest ship of its time, but what keeps it afloat are the magnetic performances of the young leads. Storytelling savvy and momentum make up for some banal dialogue.
What would be some examples of quotes from this film that would be considered as banal dialogue?


Mar 25, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
I reckon he was referring to the saccharine dialogue between "those two" and also the scenes set in 1996 which are quite clunky.

Have you seen the infamous rejected ending to the film ? It's on YouTube if you haven't. Now that is some awful (and unintentionally funny) dialogue right there.

On a semi related note, the noticeable lack of Liverpudlian and Hampshire accents amongst the crew was annoying. Most of them in the film speak like they are Cockney "barrow boys".
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