Band's Schedule


Susan Alby

I have a question regarding the musicians and their work schedules. Besides providing dinner music in the first class and second class dining room, what other areas of the ship would they have performed in? They must have had some schedule that told them where they were supposed to be.


Patrick Fulton

I have a few questions about the band:

1. Am I correct in understanding that the band did not play during dinner, only afterwards? Does this mean that the passengers dined without any music at all?

2. Did anyone ever accompany the band on the piano? Who would have played Titanic's first-class pianos and when?

3. I think I've heard that there were two musical ensembles aboard Titanic: a three-man group and a five-man group. When/where did each group play, and did the two groups come together to play after dinner?

4. When and where during the voyage would the band have played, apart from the after-dinner concert?

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Ana Florencia Pinton

Ana Florencia Pinton

There were 9 people listed as musicians in the second class. Maybe they were indeed divided into groups and played at the same time in the two Dining Saloons?