Barbara Dainton West auction items


I collect autographs from titanicsurvivors and I want to sell one of my autographs from Barbara Dainton. She is as you probably know one of the two last living survivors.

She personally signed two pages of my A Night To remember book in Cornwall when I by chance got to meet her. I also had the opportunity to see her own Titaniccollection which contains a bottle that had been on Titanic.

The authencity of the autograph can be proved since I had a video camera with me when I got to see her collection.

Her autograph is very rare among Titaniccollectors so feel free to make a bid.

best regards, Mikael
After Barbara sadly passed away one month ago I get a lot of e-mails about her autograph which I wrote about in april. So far I have got around 20 e-mails so I write my answer here instead.

Yes I still have one autograph for sale. She signed two for me and I only need to keep one in my own collection. You can see a photo of the autograph here: + a photo of the book from 1958 that she signed. Below in the article there is also a photo from a letter that her mother sent to relatives aboard the Titanic. As you can see it is marked "On board RMS Titanic". I really hope her collections with letters will end up in a museum and not in a private collection.

best regards, Mikael
I am surprised that Barbara Dainton had a Titanic collection since she seemed to dislike the subject so much. I also have her autograph so it looks like Mrs. Dainton may have been open than we thought possibly.
I came across the following on the Aldridge's website. The figures are mind-blowing!

"Entries are now being accepted for the April 2009 auction, items already consigned include the complete collection of Titanic survivor Barbara Dainton West which is estimated at £40,000-£60,000. For press and all other enquiries, please contact Andrew Aldridge BA Hons MRICS, Chartered Valuation Surveyor on 01380 729199."

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Wasn't seeing the photo of a young Barbara Dainton for the first time just wonderful? I have to wonder why she didn't try to sell these items while she was living to make her life just a little more comfortable.