Barbara West


Andrew Maheux


Isint it Barbara West Dainton's birthday today?

She turns 91. Happy Birthday!!!

How is she by the way, anyone with updates?


Andrew Maheux
It does indeed appear to be Barbara (West) Dainton's 91st birthday today, according to the copy of her birth certificate as an ET document. Her ET biography seems to be in error in this respect.

Her present address may be in Truro rather than in Plymouth. If this is confirmed, then her biography also needs to be updated to take account of this.

I hope she remains in good health, and I add my best wishes. I knew her sister (Constance Miriam) when I was at junior school in the 1940s.
Of the three remaining survivors, Milvena Dean has spoken many times about Titanic, Lillian Asplund has spoken with some TI people about the sinking- but what about Barbara West? Has she given interviews?
Does she remeber the sinking?


Tarn Stephanos
Ms. West was only a year older than Millvina, so she would not have remembered the voyage, very well.

I think she might have sent a note to some in BTS, but has never, to my knowledge, discussed Titanic; nor does she wish to.
I know Barbara West hasn't/ does not wish to discuss the Titanic, but are there any photos of her around? Either from the time of the disaster or more recent. I've always been a little curious as to what she looks like.
I am not aware of any photo of Barbara (West) Dainton being available. It is unfortunate being that she is one of the few survivors still alive today. I knew her elder sister, Miriam, for a few years back in the late 1940s.
Her photo was published in the British Titanic Society's Atlantic Daily Bulletin a couple of years ago. Maybe Brian Ticehurst could get you a copy of that back issue.
HELP! arrives much email to me with a the death from Mrs. West, somebody can confirm it?
Mauro, Brian T. would have any news about this.
If he does not confirm this, then I will presume it is not true.
If it is what me supuce what happens is that they arrived but from 20 email confirming this bad news to me
Thank you very much
Rumours of Barbara West Dainton's passing have been "exaggetated" on several occasions to put a polite spiun on it. Unless you hear it from a reliable source with confirmation, I wouldn't believe it. Especially if it comes in by way of e-mail.
I wonder why people feel the need to start a rumour that someone has died anyway. Mrs. Dainton is 95 years old so its not going to be a shock when she does pass away. However, until this lady does, people should have more respect for the living.
I think the story originated from careless media reports. Millvina Dean has sometimes been referred to as the last survivor, implying that Barbara West had died. Much the same happened when Lillian Asplund died. She was called the last survivor when she was only the last American survivor.
Here's the passage in question, from the BBC no less!

"Millvina Dean, the last British survivor of the disaster which killed more than 1,500 people, spoke out after a BBC television programme discovered a porthole from the boat for sale for 20,000 pounds (30,000 euros, 38,000 dollars)."

"Boat" to boot!
Well for some reason the media in England has been saying that Millvina is the last British Titanic survivor for years now so I don't think this is where this new rumour has started.