Barbara West


João Carlos Pereira Martins

When Lillian Asplund died in May I was surfing on Net when I read: "Last Titanic survivor dies at the age of 99". Everybody was making comments, saying how sad it was, I had to post a comment to inform that she was the last American survivor but not the last in the World and that two English ladies were also survivors of the sinking.

Regards, João
Dear All - There was a report in the Daily Mirror today the Mrs. West had passed away.
Due to previous wrong announcements - I checked and received the following.
May the lady rest in peace.
Regards Brian

Hello Brian

Yes, I'm afraid Mrs. West died on October 16 and her funeral took place at
Truro Cathedral on Monday.

There was talk of the family issuing a press release but I don't believe
this has happened. I believe Mrs. West insisted her death be kept a secret
until after the funeral.

I'm sorry if that is not a lot of help.

Nick Webster
Daily Mirror Features
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Jason D. Tiller

Hi Brian,

I'm sad to hear this. May Barbara rest in peace and my condolences to her family.

Now, only Millvina is left. Thank you for the information.
>>I believe Mrs. West insisted her death be kept a secret
until after the funeral.<<

Colour me unsurprised at this. After the three ring circus which took place the last time somebody passed away, I'd want to keep things low key as well.

May she rest in peace.
I'm sure we'll hear more details in the next few days.

However, I am thankful that, as Michael stated, there was no "circus situation" following her passing.

Let us also hope that Millvina retains the privacy she now needs.

May Mrs. West (nee Dainton) rest in peace.
Now we will have to see what Ms. West's family has to say, and if she had left any notes or stories to share, especially ones she might have wanted issued post-humously.
If not, then her stories will her's alone, something we will have to respect.
Mrs. Dainton was a nice lady. I know when I wrote her back in the 90's she seemed very cordial. I knew that she didn't wish to discuss anything related to the Titanic so I didn't. I was really amazed that she sent me her photograph. I am so glad that her wishes concerning the news of her death were able to be met.