Baseball in 1912 the big names the big teams


Tarn Stephanos

April 20, 1912 marked the opening day at Fenway Park in Boston, where my hometown team, the Boston Red Sox played the NY Highlanders (later called the Yankees)
When did the Higlanders change their name?
What else was happening in American baseball, around the time Titanic sank?

How were the Brooklyn Dodgers doing? How about the Chicago White Sox?
Had the American Negro baseball league started by 1912?
In 1912- I assume baseball legends Babe Ruth and 'Shoeless Joe' Jackson were just spring chickens in the game...
The Chicago cubs last won a world series around 1908- how was their game in 1912?


Ran across this thread ten years late. Primarily a Yankees fan but I've always had a soft spot for the Pirates.

1. When did the Higlanders change their name?
1913. The nickname "Highlanders" was because the team president was Joe Gordon, of Scots-Irish extraction. A couple of wise guys picked up on the fact that the team played in Hilltop Park and became "Gordon's Highlanders". Hilltop Park was abandoned at the end of the 1912 season and with it the "Highlanders" nickname, which never really caught on with the press.

2. Most teams had an off day on the 14th because of Sunday "blue laws", but four games were played. The White Sox lost to the St. Louis Browns at home, 4-1. The Reds beat the Buccos at home, 11-7. The Naps lost to the Tigers at home, 1-0. The Cardinals beat the Cubs at home, 5-4. The Highlanders had an off day after a three-game sweep by the BoSox. The Thayers, Carters, and Wideners would have missed the A's take a two-game set against the Senators.

3. On April 14, Karl Behr and Madeleine Astor would have been happy to know that the Dodgers won the rubber game of a three-game set against the Giants. The White Sox were 2-2 on the year, splitting their series against the Browns.

4. Ruth wasn't playing pro ball yet but he was two years removed from his minor league debut with the minor league Orioles. So far as I know, he was still mostly pitching, and when he was a position player, he played traditionally right-handed positions such as third base, shortstop, and catcher. Jackson was starting his fourth season in the bigs and his second with Cleveland. He hit for a triple slash of .395/.458/.579 with 26 triples, 3 home runs, and 90 RBI, and played in every games that season-kind of a disappointing season considering the previous year he hit .408/.468/.590 with 19 triples, 7 home runs, and 83 RBI.

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