Bathrooms on the Titanic

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Philippe Pigeau

I eared there was no bathrooms for all the first class cabins. Is that true

Dave Smith

Hello Philippe.
I noticed that only the Deluxe staterooms and suites had there own bathrooms with toilets. A typical First class cabin did not. If you look at the deck plans you will see the public "lavatories" both ladies and gentlemans clearly labeled at several areas on all first class decks. Also, it would seem if you wanted to take a bath, you would ring for your steward and he would reserve you a "bathroom" which only had a tub in it. From what I had read, many First class Hotels on land were like this as well. Seems odd today that you might have bumped into Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon in the Mens room late at night. Then again, they probably had very expensive bathrobes! But seriously, study the deckplans. You will notice the differences in cabin arrangements. Of course the Deluxe staterooms and suites cost 10 times as much as a regular first class cabin. Which considering you had the same public spaces to enjoy wasnt such a bad deal.

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