Are there any pictures of the bathroom's on the Titanic (Private or public?)

Please, can someone post them. If not can someone tell me what was in it? Just a bath and a toilet, or also a sink, and anything ells?

There is a picture of a first-class bathroom in Titanic: An Illustrated History on page 57,another in Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy on page 127, and two in that book of a private first-class bathroom on page 130. Anatomy of the Titanic shows a second-class bathroom on page 147. Captain Smith's bathroom is illustrated on p. 57 of Ghosts of the Abyss, and The Discovery of the Titanic shows several toilet facilities on p. 184. One of my books also has an illustration of a as where a first-class female passenger is entering one of the common bathrooms, but as usual when you are looking for something like this, it seems to have vanished into thin air. I'll keep looking.
I have found pictures of Titanic's bathoom!!!!!!!!!


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Nicely done Veronika,
but these are without a doubt Olympics bathrooms. Not to fear though...Titanic's were sure to be very close if not identical...
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Shane N. Worthy
Mainly due to the fact that there are only a very few images of Titanic that survive. Not many photographs were taken of her due to a)she sank on her maiden voyage and there wasn't enough time to properly document her and b) The Olympic was already sailing, and much of the interiors were the to naturally, most of Titanic's pictures were that of Olympic. For instance, the Grand Staircase images you've no doubt seen are of the Olmpic. No stairwell images of the Titanic exist.
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Shane N. Worthy
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Diego Uriol

Hi, I'm new here and it's a pleasure to meet all of you.
Can anybody tell me why in the private bathrooms were a space for the bath and the lavatory and another space for the toilet only?
Hello Diego,

With some of the private bathrooms the bath and toilet or lavatory [same thing - They are usually shown on deck plans as WC] were in the same room. With others the toilet was in a separate compartment off of the bathroom. With others; such as with what you have depicted; the bath and toilet were completely separate. All in cases there was also a washbasin in the bathroom and I understand a fold down chair.

Hope that helps.




Diego Uriol

thank you Lester!
and pardon me if I got confused with the word "lavatory", because I'm from Peru and well, English is not my native language.
Hello Diego,

Not a problem. Different countries have different terminologies. In describing what was in her stateroom a 1st Class passenger made mention of a lavatory. What she was actually referring to was the wash or hand basin.

sashka pozzetti

What kind of bathroom facilities did first class have? Did people share facilities or were there individual showers and tubs? I saw the Turkish baths on TV, and wondered if the normal bathing suites were as luxurious.

Brian R Peterson

Hi Sashka,

First Class bathroom facilities varied per deck they were located on. A-Deck featured communal restrooms and several private, public bathrooms.

The only A-Deck cabins to feature their own private bathrooms were A-36 and A-37.

First Class on B Deck was different. The period or special suites had their own private bath and rest rooms, while the cabins further fore and aft of these cabins made use of similar, communal restrooms and private bathrooms, the same is true of C Deck cabins.

D and E-Deck cabins would all have to share the communal facilities.

Best Regards,


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