BBC Inside Out Midlands Area Titanic Documentry

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Hi, i am featuring in a documentry on Wednesday the 19th of September 2007 at 7.30pm BBC1 about the story of Kate Phillips & Henry Morley. It features the necklace which he gave to her. Kate Phillips was my Great Grandmother, so please watch and let me know what you think. It is a local programme, but if you have sky you can still watch it. Also if you want to see it but can't visit after the 19th to watch it on-line.

Regards Beverley
Well, Beverley, I saw the programme on Wednesday. It was a pity it was all too short, a 10-minute slot in a half-hour programme.

I'm familiar with the story anyway but it did clear up a few things, such as confirming that no DNA tests ever took place with your grandmother and the Morley descendants.

We also had fascinating glimpses of the Nomadic in Belfast, both inside and out. Coming along nicely!

I was watching it with two friends in their house, appropriately with a view of the Malvern Hills, where Morley had his sweetshops. They were asking me loads of questions afterwards, and so I was only too pleased to tell them the story, of which I'm a believer anyway.


Hi Ian, thank you for watching the programme, i think the BBC did a fantastic job of telling the story. I agree it being a shame too that it was so short, such a lot to explain in such a short space of time. I thought the Nomadic in Belfast was fantastic & would love to re-visit which i will do in the near future & can't think of a better place for the family necklace to be! Kind Regards Beverley
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