BBC Radio 2 - Titanic: Minute by Minute

The programme is live on the night of the 14th April and lasts the duration it took Titanic to sink. It starts at 11.35pm just before the iceberg hits and ends at 2.20am when the ship disappears.

Format. The programme is presented by Jeremy Vine, Dermot O'Leary and Penny Smith who together with experts take us through minute by minute what's happening to the passengers and crew, the structure of the ship and the musicians who made up the ship's band. We have actors reading the accounts of over 30 eyewitnesses from first class aristocracy to steerage passengers. There are interviews with descendants of passengers and crew.

By sticking to the facts the programme will give you a better idea of what really happened than any other drama......

Radio 2 is broadcast on 88.91 fm (or thereabouts) and you can tune in on digital making it accessible to international listeners.

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