bDisney Magicb and bDisney Wonderb

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Jan 7, 2002
The twin funneled Disney cruise ships 'Disney Magic' amd 'Disney Wonder' look to be gorgous-
Despite the reoccouring Micky Mouse motif, there are definate influences from the classic age of the liner...Has anyone here sailed on a Disney cruise ship? How would you rate the disney ships?
Sep 22, 2003
Coatesville, PA

I've never sailed on one before, though I watched a neat little program on the Travel Channel a few nights ago about these ships which showed Pools, Interior, Engine Room, Cabins, and Islands the ships visits. from what I saw on TV I'd say the ship certainly looks good, I'll never realy know though unless I happen to go on one of them, as there always certain details which you never notice on TV and in Pictures that are more noticable in person

bob cook

I have had the opportunity to sail on Disney five times, and was also present and sailed on, in July 1998,the christening and inaugural sailing of the Disney Magic. The ships are both beautiful, well designed and laid out.There is definitely a feeling of old liner classic charm, which is broken by crowds of children. Cabins are very spacious, and I have been in everything from an interior to a suite.

The two funnel design makes a lovely profile, and actually serves an important purpose, that being it separates adult areas of open deck from the family and children's area. The Theatre is a deco jewel, like one of the old theatres you'd find in middle america in the 30s.

Overall, I'd rate the Disney cruise highly. And this is the comment of someone who has been on over 143 cruises, including the QM2, QE2 and many others.

bob cook

Also, rumor has it here in Central Florida that one of the ships will be doing 7 night European cruises in Europe next season.

Joe Russo

Apr 10, 2006
Porthole Views Go Virtual on Disney Dream

Windowless, inside staterooms on cruise ships are not particularly desirable to most cruisers, most often being snatched up by bargain-hunters looking for a deal. In a clever move, Disney is looking to change that on the new 4,000-passenger Disney Dream cruise ship, which debuts in late January.

Disney's largest ever ship will have inside staterooms with "magic virtual portholes," one of the coolest new innovations on the high seas -- and already a hit based on advanced bookings.
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