bE Jb The Story of Edward John Smith New Biography by Gary Cooper

Ernie Luck

Nov 24, 2004
Gary has now published his long awaited new biography of Edward John Smith. I know Gary has been working on this book - a major revision of his earlier work titled 'The Man who sank the Titanic' - for many years.

This is a steal, a real gift at the price Gary is charging - no more than production costs and gives no indication of the vast amount of research and work he has put into it. A rare labour of love with no profit motive.

I met Gary - must be 5 or 6 years ago now - when I was involved in working on the ancestry of the Mason Pottery family. A chance comment by a Mason/Spode descendant that her grand children were more interested in their Titanic Smith connection than their Mason/Spode ancestry roused my interest. It was in trying to confirm their family connection that I came to catch up with Gary. We have kept in touch ever since and Gary has kept me updated with progress on his new book.

I strongly recommend this book to any one interested in the human side of the Titanic story. A must for anyone interested in knowing the background of this charismatic person who rose from a potters son to be a millionaires Captain

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