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I'm wondering if anyone has any additional information on the Becker Family. Mrs. Becker and her children were coming home to America from India, where they were missionaries. Her husband remained in India. My grandparents were missionaries in that part of India from 1920 to 1965. I think that they may have been at the same mission field as the Beckers, but have been unable to find out what affiliation of the Lutheran church the Beckers belonged to. If anyone knows, please let me know. I've been trying to get information from the Lutheran church (most of the affiliations merged several years ago) but have been unable to find anything.



Mike, could you send me a copy to if I send you a mailing address, I would also like to know if you have any stories on Survivors families in the Titanic Commuator papers, I never got a chance to start collecting them. However I have read what each issue contained and I am very intereted in some of the stories. I hope you can help.