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Jere Baldwin (Jbaldwin)


I tried to post this before, but I had a computer glitch... so ... I appologise if it shows up twice.

I am seeking Info on Ben Guggenheim and his family... All I know is that his family made their fortune on Iron Smelting. Where did his family originate? Did they have any connections here in Pennsylvainia? (we had a big Iron industry here.) Is there any monumanet to Mr. Guggenhiem? (As in others where bodies were not recovered.)

Any biographical, or other character sketches about Ben? I understand he was not in great favor with his family at the time of his passing, but, is the Mistress story the main reason?

Lastly, was the Guggenheim Museum named for a Family member? If so what was the connection... I have a friend who wanted that info... I told him here is the place to find out!

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Jeffrey Kern (Jeffrey)


If you would please leave your email address, I will email you information from my encyclopaedia on the Guggenheim family for you. It is a 1993 edition, but certainly as up to date as any other encyclopaedia. Best wishes on these last few days of the Millennium 1000, Century 1900, Decade 90, and, lest we forget, Year 1999. Take care!

Lou Kerr

Dec 13, 1999
Hi Jere,

There is a Pennsylvania connection with the Guggenheim family, they came to Philadelphia from Switzerland. One good source of family information is Stephen Birmingham's "Our Crowd", which also contanins information about the Straus family.

Best wishes for the New Year, Lou Kerr

Jere Baldwin (Jbaldwin)


I would love any information that can be provided on Ben, and also any straus connection to PA. My Email Addy is: [email protected], feel free to write anytime, either of you. I have enjoyed your informative posts.


Liz Greco-Nieves (Liz)

John Davis wrote an autobiography about the Guggenheim Family. It was written in 1977 . It is a very interesting book. William Morrow Published the book I think. Good Luck Liz