Berengaria, and why I love her

Fruma Stonoha

May 7, 2020
So this might be a bit out there, but I thought it might be fun to share :)

I'm certain you are all familiar with the story of the Berengaria, how she began as the Imperator before being given to Cunard as war reparations. I was looking into her, and I saw that when she was built, Kaiser Wilhelm decided that she should use masculine pronouns as a symbol of her strength and dominance (being she was Germany's response to the Olympic class, that kind of marketing makes sense). After Cunard received her, her name was changed and female pronouns were used for her in accordance to maritime tradition. For me, as a transgender woman, this kind of origin story is very wholesome to me, since by sheer coincidence we've wound up with a ship that is, in a manner of speaking, also transgender.

As I said, this is probably just a me thing, but I can't help but be curious if anybody else feels this way, about Berengaria or any other ship?
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