Bert Copperthwaite

Aug 5, 2004
My Great Uncle Albert(Bert) Copperthwaite was a ships fireman his age is listed as 22 and single he was 28 and married,could the original Titanic records have been missread,re the bodies unidentified they would have been trying to match him up to a 22 year old so is there any chance of finding out through dna

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Yvonne, identification of bodies at the time was almost always from their effects, especially documents carried. For crewmen, clothing often provided clues to their job but not personal identity. There was no detective work to match names with faces, so the physical features, age etc would have been no help except to people who actually knew the deceased. It was possible to view the bodies in Halifax, but obviously that wasn't practical for the families of crew members living in England. Sets of the photographs of unidentified bodies were circulated to White Star offices in various countries but as far as I know there were no investigations based on these and not one identification was made from them. Also, of course, dozens of the unidentified bodies of crewmen were buried at sea before anybody had a chance to photograph them.

Owing to the ground conditions at the Halifax cemeteries, many of the bodies effectively no longer exist. DNA testing on a large scale would be impractical, and has only been attempted in a few cases where final proof was needed to confirm an identification which was strongly suggested by other evidence.
Aug 5, 2004
Re: Bert Copperthwaite Fireman Titanic
I have found more information on my great uncle, he was born 25 december Albert Harry son of Clara & Alfred Flint Copperthwaite, Southampton.
He married 16th March 1907 age 23, Kate Young age 22.
Information on the ships records that he was 22 and single is wrong as I have his birth and marriage certificates
Apr 27, 2003
Dear Yvonne - Thanks for the extra information on Bert Copperthwaite.
Below is my print out on him.
You say he was married but he must have left his wife and taken up with another lady and the Lily Johnston below was the result.
Did you know this?

Copperthwaite, B. Lived at 39 Mount Street, St Marys, Southampton. Occupation - Fireman. 22 years old. (Born in Hampshire).

(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)

Number 84. Johnson, Lily, Child (illegitimate). Copperthwaite, Mrs. Mother. Both class G dependents.

(From the Titanic Relief Fund Minute Book number 2, Southampton Area)

Date December 22nd 1913.

Case number C84. All payments to Maud Johnson in respect of an illegitimate daughter be in future made to the child's grandmother Mrs. Charlotte Johnson.

(From Titanic Memorial Fund Relief Book number 3 - 23rd June 1928)

Case number C84. That an allowance of 8/6d per week be made for Lily Johnston if necessary.

Best regards - Brian

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