Bertha Lehmann and the Navratil boys

Mar 28, 2002
I always wondered why Bertha Lehmann didn't come forward when authorities were appealing for info on the "Titanic orphans" Michel and Edmond Navratil. Their father had asked Bertha to look after them one evening aboard Titanic so would surely have been able to identify them in New York after their father didn't make it? I'm guessing I'm answering my own question here but is it that she did identify them to authorities as "the Hoffman children" but authorities drew a blank as this wasn't their real name? It would surely have spared the boys' mother weeks of unnecessary worry about the whereabouts of her children.

As a footnote, what were the circumstances behind the reunion?



P.S. I just read Mike Findlay's post on the return of Michel Navratil to New York - nice story.