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Arne Mjåland

Here is the obituary about a stewardes on the Titanic:
LAVINGTON - On Sept 1, Bessie eldest daughter of the late Richard Inward and Leah Lavington, of Ampfield, aged 77. Cremation at Woking Sept 6.
(Hampshire Cronicle 10 September 1949)
It seems that she was not maried?. May be the mother was Jewish (the name Leah). Anybody having more about her?

Kevin Dennis Stones

As a child my grandfather,Frank Vivian Lavington always told me 'we had a relative on the Titanic' that was all I ever knew. I found this site and have found the relative she was Bessie Lavington, Lavington being my mothers maiden name. Can anyone point me in the right direction for more info or a picture of Bessie or where her family or relatives are. I have a 2nd cousin Jonathan Lavington he has terminal cancer.He has complied and comprehensive family history and Bessie's further details are missing. I would sincerely appreciate some help here for him especially

luke jackson

I am also a distant relative of Bessie Lavington she was my great grandmother's cousin Nan mackintosh,her maiden name was Reynolds.Contact me on e-mail [email protected],my name is Luke Jackson.


In fact, Bessie Lavington (born Elizabeth Lavington 31.1.1872) died 1.9.1949 in Alton. The Manor Farm address provided was the address of her sister, Fanny Hunt née Lavington. I have come accross Bessie in a family tree I am researching - how fascinating to discover she was a survivor of the Titanic!


Hi i am also a distant relative of Bessie,i was always told of a relative who was on the Titanic by my dad.She was the cousin of my great grandmother nan Mcintosh,maiden name Reynolds.I did a little research myself and managed to find out a little of her story of that night in a round about way.If you want get in touch to compare research i would be happy to hear from you. Luke Jackson