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Sam Brannigan

Dec 20, 2000
I like to have a good trawl through old threads every now and again, and I've just discovered this brilliant post from Sara Brown in the "Time Travel to 1912" thread:

"Whether or not time travel is possible, the way i see it, you could not change anything that had happened, because you were there to begin with. You go back to change something from now (2006) but you were there (say in 1912) because you went back. (does this make sense). You might not hvae gone back until (2006) but you were already there, anything you might do when you go back, was already done in (1912) by you. Therefore, you can change nothing.

i don't know if i was able to put that in understandable form."

Now, I for one think that Sara's post is just superb!

Then I got to thinking, has anyone else got a favourite post lurking on ET, be it witty, funny, brilliantly argued or just downright weird (like the magnificent Armand Hammer picture one).

Yours in eager anticipation for the goodies in store...

Ernie Luck

Nov 24, 2004
Sam, every now and again our Administrator-in-chief instals a rubbish filter which eliminates all banalities, so only the cream is left. You ask our Michael, he lost half of his postings last time. I am only joking Michael, I know most of it was cutting edge stuff.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>You ask our Michael, he lost half of his postings last time.<<

As I understand it, most (Not all) of the missing posts in fact are still there. It was the counter which went on holiday when that system failure happened a couple of years ago.

Can't say as I have any particular favourites if only because I never gave it a lot of thought.
Aug 29, 2000
Yes Sam- that time continuum thing is fascinating, and a central plot twist in the film Somewhere in Time with Chris Reeve and Jane Seymour. Jack Finney has a good time with it in his many time travel stories as well, including his last novel which features the Titanic.

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