Best Shops For An Edwardian Corset?


Apr 27, 2021
United States
Hello! I'm currently in the process of starting to make an Edwardian era day dress, and though i have the pattern for the dress its self laid out i've run into an issue when looking for a corset pattern, a LOT of patterns on some sites i've looked at are falsely named Edwardian when they are in fact Victorian or even late Georgian stays (i'm just as shocked as you reading this). Is there any sites or shops that anyone can recommend to lead me in the right direction? Thanks plenty! <3
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Nov 14, 2005
I always thought corset was just a fancy name for girdle. I went and looked it up. Was ignorant about them because I've never been with a woman who wore or needed them. But some interesting facts in the article below. Dudes wore them too...WTF...o_O Cheers.
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