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Trent Pheifer

Hey everyone,

I was curious, what is the best resource to find various lengths, heights, weights, etc., of things on the Titanic. I have looked through many sources and keep getting tons of conflicting information. I figured The Report on the Loss of Titanic would be very useful, but got a little suspicious when they said over all length of the ship was 852.5 ft. It also many times said its about so and so feet. I was looking for various deck lengths, and many of the measurement for the stern. I also got conflicting info on how long the Forecastle and Poop deck were. one said the Forecastle was 106 another said 125, while the Poop deck was 128 and another was 105ft. I was just curious as to where I could find the most accurate measurements. Thanks!


Erik Wood

Apr 10, 2001
I would suggest the builders notebook, otherwise known as the Andrews notebook, or orginal blue prints. Roy Mengot has a very impressive set of blue prints that give detail.

Scott R. Andrews


The length figures given in both the US Senate Report and The BOT Report are correct. However, the BOT figure is the length between perpendiculars extreme, not the LOA. The figure in the US report is the LOA given in decimals of a foot. 882.6 feet is a rounding off of 882.6667 feet, which is 882'-8" in decimal form (I know, I know... today, we'd round that number UP to .7, but then we weren't schooled in the late 19th century...). Now, just to add some more confusion, while most of the paperwork from H&W states the LOA as 882'-8", this same measurement is given as 882'-9" in the pages of both "The Shipbuilder" and "Engineering", two well-respected trade publications. This is odd, since all of the other figures reported in both of these publications agree with the figures employed by the builder and/or the BOT.


Scott Andrews

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Somebody with access to H & W confirmed for me that the designed LOA was 882' 8". Remember that the length varied by an inch or so, depending on temperature.

Two figures will be found for the Length Between Perpendiculars.

The Board of Trade measured it from the extreme end of the stem beneath the bowsprit (if fitted) to the after edge of the sternpost. This was 852' 6". Lloyd's Register did the same. By the way, that's a point to remember when looking at Lloyd's. Ship lengths are LBP.

Builders did it a little diferently. They measured from the point where the forward edge of the stem cuts the designed waterline to the after edge of the rudder post. This was 850' 6" and this measurement sometimes turns up in old books.

Different figures are sometimes seen for the beam. The Board of Trade measured the absolute beam, rivet heads, paint and all. This was 92' 6" and you'll occasionally see a slightly smaller figure.

Trent Pheifer

Erik, Scott, and Dave
Thanks for the help! That clears a few things up!


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