Best website to order good quality Britannic photos

Feb 14, 2011
Some time ago on some ET thread there was a poste about a website where one could order high quality prints of some of the seldom seen photos of Britannic.
There was one stellar view of the Britannic at sea with her bow coming at you...Id love to order that one.
Does anyone here know where I might order rare Britannic photos, printed on photo paper?


Tarn Stephanos
Dec 7, 2000

I don't know if this is the same place, but there was some website that sold the H&W photos for about 12 pounds each -- I think -- but it wasn't cheap. If you deal with UFTM directly, they charge about 5 pounds a photo. They have some Britannic photos taken during constrauction, and I assume they might have some exteriors. They do have catalogues for all of their O/T/B photos, but only the Titanic catalogue is a picture catalogue, probably because it has the least amount of photos, or because the ship may hold the greatest interest to most.


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