Betty Brooke Blake deceased


Beau Brummel

Hello, sorry for asking such an indelicate question but I read someone's old post mentioning Betty Brooke Blake, the Newport socialite/daughter of Titanic survivor.

I recently heard that her Newport cottage Indian Spring was listed for sale and I wonder if she passed away? Because usually this is only time those homes come on the market. I haven't seen an obituary if that's the case, and would like to know more about this fascinating woman.

Michael Findlay

Hi Beau,

Betty Brooke Blake is still alive, and recently co-chaired the Newport Art Museum's "Griswold Gala Picture Perfect Weekend" last week in Newport.

Mrs. Blake attended our 2003 Newport convention, and charmed all those who met her. She had never attended a Titanic event before but she spoke freely of her family Titanic's connections, and enjoyed the interest everyone gave her. She recalled that her mother NEVER spoke about the Titanic to her, and what she learned about the tragedy came directly from her half-brother, William T. Carter 2d. She told wonderful stories about her mother and about the Carter family.

Hope this helps.

Mike Findlay
Mike Poirier

Mike Poirier

Hi Mike
That's good to hear she's still doing well. I remember her at the convention and she was gracious and kind. I remember at the beginning of the lecture Jim and I gave, I started to get nervous, but when I looked out into the crowd, there she was in front and she gave me a broad smile and a nod and I gained my confidence. She's quite a lady.


She has to be very old if she was one of the survivors in the Titanic ship. The selling of the cottage indicates that probably she's dead.