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Ok, my sister and I went to Charleston today and since all the main entrances to the mall are under renovation you have to enter through an anchor tenant's store. We went in through Books-A-Million and decided to browse the shelves for a while before doing any real shopping. I found maybe 3 at the most books referring to Titanic and/or White Star Line. The book I found that I really wanted was Ghosts of the Abyss. I think it was priced at $35.00 (which was more than I had so I just sat on the floor thumbing through it). I noticed that on about 20 of the middle pages the printer was misaligned and had printed a color barcode looking strip on at least an inch or so of the page edge and also that another couple of pages were not even bound into the book. I asked one of the guys working there how much of a discount do they give you on damaged books and he told me 10%. Ok here's the real question. Who is going to pay $31.50 for a damaged book? Anyway I put the thing back on the shelf and left. I mean if you're only going to have one copy available on the shelf and it's damaged you should at least give a better discount than that. Geebus.
Perhaps, but since I work in the retail industry, I know for a fact that the people who work the sales floors don't always have the authority to make deals, and it's often fairly limited if they even have it at all. The reason for this is to keep the employees from making some really "nice" deals on behalf of some friends. You might have done better to ask for one of the managers since they tend to be the ones who have the real "pull" to make deeper discounts.

Personally, I wouldn't have taken a copy with missing pages at any price. Information hog that I am, I have a desire to have the whole thing, but that's just me.
I didn't think to ask to speak to the manager and honestly I wasn't really paying the sales associate much attention when he was talking to me, I was too caught up in looking at the pictures. From what I could tell the book appeared to have all it's pages but you never know. I might would have noticed more if I had taken more time to look at it.
>>I might would have noticed more if I had taken more time to look at it.<<

I'm sure you would have. Personally, I wouldn't have bothered. As easy as this is to get right now, I wouldn't waste a penny on a damaged or defective copy that should really be returned to the vendor for credit or replacement. You might want to try Barnes & Noble or
Here's the mystery behind me. If I want/need it and I can find it cheap (even if it's not exactly correct) chances are I might try to get it. I think I was looking for that book merely out of entertainment, if it had been a different book that would have better helped me with modeling and stuff I would have wanted it to be in top shape.
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